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Hexonic streamlines the selection of heat exchangers

Hexonic - Hexonic streamlines the selection of heat exchangers

Choosing an optimal heat exchanger can be a challenge, which is why Hexonic engineers decided to simplify the process as far as possible. The new version of the CAIRO selection software enables you to select the right exchanger in just one minute. In addition to many new features, users can also count on real-time technical support.

Heat exchangers have very wide applications in various industries and everyday life. Efficiency and reliability of the exchanger are key features that determine the choice of a particular manufacturer. However, a number of other parameters must be met for the device to fit into the selected system.

- A team of our engineers, while designing the most efficient ways of heat exchange, focused this time on facilitating the selection of exchangers - this is how a new version of the well-known CAIRO program was conceived - explains Wojciech Miciak, head of Research & Development Department at Hexonic. We strived to combine the designer's perspective with our knowledge, so that the selection is as simple as possible on the one hand, and so that it optimally matches the selected device to the defined parameters on the other hand. Many calculations are performed in the background and the user quickly gets the expected result by providing the input data of interest. In the new version we have added many useful functions, including the preview of our company's technical database, insight into the specification of the fluids types used or estimation of the maximum pressure drops in the heat exchangers with the use of a special calculator - Wojciech Miciak concludes.

CAIRO is proprietary exchanger selection software, which is constantly developed in response to user needs. Thanks to locating the software in the cloud (Microsoft Azure solution) you can use it without installation, on any device with a web browser. CAIRO uses high security standards that are standard in electronic banking, and the management system of personal data is compliant with the requirements of the GDPR. Working media are certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Exchangers can be selected in at least two ways. A novelty is the possibility of selection by indicating the selected application. The history of selections is saved in the customer's account, making it easier to duplicate or modify them. What is important, we can support the client thanks to having a preview of his screen, which definitely facilitates the dialogue - emphasizes Joanna Wrona, head of IT Department at Hexonic.