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Using waste heat from production processes to generate electricity in ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems has become a popular solution in recent years.

Manufacturing such systems is quite a challenge, because they are still a novelty and there are just a few companies in the global market that took up the challenge thrown by the environmentalists on the one hand and on the other by production facilities that would eagerly transform waste heat into electricity, which is necessary for production and is becoming more and more expensive.

HEXONIC engineers have selected, designed and delivered an exchanger system composed of a condenser, evaporator, regenerator and economizer. The first three exchangers have been based on a standard shell and tube exchanger design and the economizer – due to low allowable pressure drops and high flow of flue gas with a temperature of approx. 400°C – required a non-standard approach to functionality and design. In this particular case, we have chosen a cuboidal design with flue gas flow in the space between the tubes, which provided relatively low flow resistances and, thanks to applying fin-tubes, heat exchange intensification by means of significantly increasing the heat exchange surface, achieving a size more than four times larger thanks to fin-tube application

Produkt: Economizer
Media: fumes / thermal oil
Zakres zadania: Thermal calculations, design, production
Aplikacja: ORC power plant in which waste heat in the form of exhaust gases is used as a heat source for the production of electricity
Firma: glass factory in Poland
Data: 10/2020