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The newest generation of heat exchangers is on the market

Hexonic - The newest generation of heat exchangers is on the market

Engineers of Hexonic have proved again, that their passion for innovation results in effective heat transfer solutions breakthrough. New JAG Plate and JAG Shield Plate & Shell heat exchangers with inventive jagged pattern of heating plate entered the market.

Breaking new ground solutions bring not only enhanced flow turbulence but also increased heat exchange area. The innovative shape of the patented gasket provides superior sealing capacity even in high pressure applications. The applied solutions, especially the plate geometry, delivers up to 10% higher efficiency than the standard one!

“Final tests confirmed that the innovative corrugation pattern, combined with specially modelled plate geometry significantly increased the thermal efficiency of the JAG and JAG Shield heat exchangers. Furthermore we decreased fouling and reduced general pressure drop levels”, says Wojciech Miciak, Head of R&D Team at Hexonic.

“Both JAG and JAG Shield heat exchangers are more compact and lighter, and we can easily adapt them to individual requirements of our clients in different industries, like chemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, marine, pharmaceutical, iron and steel, HVAC-R and power”, ads Ireneusz Szachta, Head of Implementation Department at Hexonic.

The innovative JAG design is the result of over six years of research and development conducted by SECESPOL engineers. The „jagged” channels boost flow turbulence which enhances heat transfer. Furthermore, the design brings a bigger exchange area and general pressure drop levels are reduced.

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