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The Hexonic asymmetric brazed plate heat exchanger is designed especially for heating applications.


Special arrangement of the channels ensures maximum heat transfer efficiency on the lower flow rate side with a minimum pressure drop on the secondary circuit.

The biggest advantage of the asymmetric heat exchanger is its compact size and the possibility of using lower power pumps in central heating systems. In many cases, the efficiency of asymmetric heat exchangers can be 18 % higher compared to standard brazed plate heat exchangers.


  • Greater capacity due to the use of a corrugated heating plate that creates an additional channel.
  • Lower water pressure drops - secondary side.
  • Higher efficiency - increased maximum water flow.
  • Compact size.
  • Greater flow turbulence - primary side.
  • Less refrigerant requirement.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • An option is available made of stainless materials - LUNA.

Advantages of the plate

  • Active front plate forms an additional channel
  • Less water pressure drops
  • Increased maximum water flow
  • Higher flow turbulence

Advantages of the plate

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