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Chemical industry

The chemical industry includes chemical processing, plastics manufacturing, fertilizers manufacturing and the petrochemical industry.

The chemical industry is one of the largest and most innovative industry branches in the world.

It consists of two sectors: organic and inorganic chemistry. Organic chemicals come from fossil fuels and biomass materials. Inorganic chemicals on the other hand are generated by combining elements and chemical compounds such as sodium chloride, iron oxide, hydrochloric acid. Both types of materials are sold as components or as products ready for specific applications. Chemical products are used in household products, such as soaps, detergents and cleaning agents etc. They also include plastic resins, dyes and pigments.

Chemical manufacturing is a complex process of heating, cooling and condensing for evaporation and separation. All those processes require reliable and efficient heat exchange technology. A wide range of heat exchangers from Hexonic provides the appropriate solution for almost any chemical industry application.