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Pharmaceutical industry

Water is material used most frequently in the pharmaceutical industry.

A part of the economy that deals with medicines: their development, manufacturing and distribution. Pharmaceutics includes most practical issues connected with medicines, i.e. new medicine research, medicine tests, industrial manufacture of medicines, patents, marketing of medicines, medicine quality control etc.

It is used to manufacture medicinal products and vaccines, as well as in cleaning technological lines and washing the packaging.
Water for injection (WFI) is purified water, processed to eliminate substances harmful for the human body. It has many uses in the process of medicine manufacturing. It is used as a solvent, a thinner for preparations, as well as a sterilizing agent for containers, devices or systems.

In order to meet the strict industrial requirements, Hexonic offers dedicated shell and tube P-line exchangers, which are used in injection water generators, in water storage and distribution systems, as well as at points of use. They were designed so to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure safe and sterile operation.