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Heat exchangers are one of the most important elements of refrigeration systems. They transfer energy from the evaporating refrigerant during the cooling process, while the condensing refrigerant constitutes the energy source during the heating process.

Currently, the refrigeration industry largely focuses on using modern technology and energy efficiency.

Innovative design solutions allow to decrease energy consumption, which means care for the environment. Heat pumps, able to use the energy from the environment, are ever more often used in systems. They have been considered as a renewable energy source in many EU countries. They may help in fulfilling the obligations concerning an appropriate share of RES in the energy mix.

Hexonic plate heat exchangers, designed to operate as condensers and evaporators, are applied in systems with refrigerants as media, e.g. in heat pumps and refrigerating units. This type of exchangers feature an enhanced resistance design and geometric optimization meant for cooling applications. Selecting the appropriate connectors allows to integrate them with any system supplied with a refrigerant.