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Pool installations

Pool water circulates in a closed cycle. Pool installations supply water to swimming pool basins and discharge it from them.

Water for home pools is taken from the same source as potable water.

The water in the pool circulates in a closed cycle. It travels from the pool to the filters that clean it, and then it returns to the pool basin. In colder climate the water in an outdoor home pool, also a summer pool, should be heated. The water in the pool may be heated using a separate installation with heat exchanger or a pool heating system may be connected to the home heating installation. The largest power consumption takes place when the pool is filled or when the water in the pool is replaced. Apart from that it will only be necessary to keep the required pool water temperature. The most frequently used exchangers in home pools are shell and tube exchangers. They heat pool water quickly and economically.

Swimming pools consist of at least one pool with a treatment system, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and showers. Depending on the type of the basin, public pools may be divided into sports pools, recreational pools and water parks. They may be filled with hot water (thermal pools), salt water (saltwater pools) and contain nozzles for hydro massage (hydro massage basins). Bolted plate heat exchangers are used in installations that require perfect heat efficiency, allowing for heating a large amount of water quickly. Moreover, large connection diameters allow to keep high flow rate.