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An oceanarium is a collection of tanks filled with sea water. It is intended both for breeding ocean and sea animals, as well as growing plants.

They constitute a popular tourist attraction throughout the world.

They may be separated from sea coastal areas or exist as separate water bodies (pools, aquaria). The largest oceanarium is that in Singapore. It uses over 45,000,000 liters of water, to provide a place for over 100,000 specimen of over 800 various sea species. The most frequent fish in oceanaria and aquaria come from tropical climates. The temperature that most aquarium fish need is between 24°C and 27°C. This range of temperatures is the best for freshwater, sea and tropical fish.

Fish and aquatic flora do not like sudden temperature changes, therefore it is necessary to control stability of water temperature. Many factors have a negative impact on the sea water temperature. One of them is the heat generated by intensive lighting, making them more visible to the visitors. Therefore it is so important for the pool installation to have a heat exchanger. Exchangers most often used with salt water as the medium are titanium heat exchangers.