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Petrochemical industry

Petrochemical products are chemical products obtained from crude oil as the result of a refining process. Chemical compounds produced from crude oil are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas.

The petrochemical industry produces materials that are commonly used both in industrial applications and in households.

These include plastics, synthetic rubber, solvents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and adhesives. They are used in cars, packaging, medical equipment, paints, clothes and construction materials.
A more environmentally-friendly method for manufacturing petrochemical products is provided by sources such as maize, palm fruits or sugar cane.

Heat exchangers used at the various stages of crude oil and natural gas production must meet the requirements of environmental standards. They should be reliable and resistant to high temperature and pressure. They are also a very important element of operational processes in the petrochemical industry, including cleaning, liquefaction, condensation and regasification.