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Salt water pool

Salt water pools are facilities using table salt or salt in tablets.

Once added to the pool water, it forms a 0.2-0.5% solution (2-5 kg/m3).

Pool water becomes slightly salty, but not enough to cause discomfort of the pool users. The salt concentration in pool water corresponds to a half of the salt present in human tear. Water with this concentration of salt is mild for the skin and does not cause irritation. Salt treatment benefits are a significant reduction of the necessity to use chlorine in tablets or liquid chlorine. Many people find it important to know that the water in their pool has “no chemicals”. This method also has therapeutic benefits – the salt is good for the skin.

Salt may be destructive for components of pool installation, therefore it is very important to use appropriate heat exchangers – suitable for salt water operation. Hexonic’s offer includes REV, TI shell and tube exchangers, ideal for salt water applications. Bolted heat exchangers with titanium plates are also used in salt water bodies. Their dismountable design allows for easy cleaning and extension, if necessary.