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HEXONIC – Your Visit to the HeatExpo 2023 in Dortmund.

Hexonic - HEXONIC – Your Visit to the HeatExpo 2023 in Dortmund.

HEXONIC - Your Visit to the HeatExpo 2023 in Dortmund.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your visit to the HEATEXPO Dortmund. It was a great pleasure to welcome you at our booth and to discuss with you innovative system solutions for the heat transition. Your presence made our trade fair experience an unforgettable event.

Our presentation in the supporting program of the fair, which dealt with “Innovative System Solutions for the Heat Transition,” attracted great interest, and we hope that the presented concepts and technologies have given you an insight into the future of heat supply.

We hope that you gained valuable insights into the potential of heat recovery from existing and future heat sources, as well as the integration and use of heat pumps and geothermal energy. These sustainable technologies play a crucial role in the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources.

Another focus of our trade fair appearance was the waste heat recovery with HEXOINC heat exchangers. We are particularly proud of our progress in the field of waste heat recovery with HEXOINC heat exchangers. This innovative technology allows for efficient use of heat sources, which not only contributes to a more sustainable energy balance but also represents significant cost savings for companies and communities. The use of waste heat plays a key role in increasing efficiency in industrial processes and significantly contributes to reducing energy consumption. We hope that you were impressed by our practical solutions.

The challenges of heat planning for communities were also a focus of our presentation. The development of efficient and demand-oriented heat concepts for cities and municipalities is a central step towards a sustainable future. We hope that our presented approaches have helped to better understand the challenges of heat planning.

The discussion about the “Challenge of Heat Planning for Communities” was extremely enriching for us. Your questions and suggestions have shown us how important it is to work together on sustainable solutions for the heat supply of our cities and communities. We are firmly committed to continuing to develop comprehensive heat planning concepts that meet the specific needs of each community. Your interested questions and positive feedback on our system solutions have additionally motivated us to continue our path of research and development with full vigor. We are confident that the future of heat supply can be shaped by dedicated collaboration between companies, communities, and society as a whole.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting the HEATEXPO Dortmund. We look forward to staying in touch with you in the future and working together on a sustainable heat supply.