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Hexonic JAG plate&frame heat exchangers with AHRI certificate!

Hexonic - Hexonic JAG plate&frame heat exchangers with AHRI certificate!

Hexonic plate&frame heat exchangers with AHRI certificate!

Hexonic JAG-type plate&frame heat exchangers have been successfully tested in accordance with the requirements of the "ANSI / AHRI 400" standard and in consequence the AJF series single-phase heat exchangers have obtained the AHRI LLHE (Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers) certification.
AHRI-certified heat exchangers will have the prefix A (from AHRI) in the model designation and the series will consist of types: AJFA, AJFB, AJFC, AJFD, AJFE and AJFG. The devices will be manufactured in accordance with PED or ASME pressure regulations and will have the AHRI symbol on the nameplate.

The AHRI certificate confirms:
1. high degree of efficiency of our exchangers, which is one of the most important principles by designing them by Hexonic engineers
2. innovative thermal characteristics of heating plates with a unique JAG pattern and geometry
3. compliance of the operating parameters of the plate&frame heat exchanger with the technical data provided by the manufacturer (Hexonic)
4. precision of selection by CAIRO, the company’s selection program
The certification process consisted in checking the thermal parameters of several exchangers, selected independently by the inspectors in our software. Real tests are always performed by an independent laboratory, which in our case was DMT in Germany. The Institute's experts verified the compliance of the products with the specified standards and specifications. The test results clearly confirmed the high efficiency of our devices and the accuracy of CAIRO algorithms.

After Hexonic has successfully passed the certification tests, we can offer our heat exchangers in the AHRI standard to customers worldwide. The certificate was issued for water, salt water and glycol selections. AHRI-certified products are continuously tested in accordance with AHRI's guidelines. One of the Hexonic heat exchangers was installed during the modernization of the certification laboratory in Germany, which additionally confirmed the trust in the company and its products.

Main benefits of certification:
• Increase reliability - thermal efficiency data must be accurate
• Possibility to compare real thermal performance and price of products at the same level
• Ensuring business continuity and performance guarantee
• Reduction of energy consumption and a positive impact on climate change by properly dimensioning the efficiency of heat exchangers
• Determine the full value of the investment by reducing the cost of running on-site testing and allowing for additional components to work margins

The certification program run by the non-profit organisation The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is conducted in conjunction with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and The French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) according to the ISO/ IEC 17065 standard and type 4 certification system. AHRI is the only independent organization with standards and certification programs for plate heat exchangers, which are accepted and specified all over the world.