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Interview with Christian Huhn – Managing Director of Hexonic GmbH

Hexonic - Interview with Christian Huhn  – Managing Director of Hexonic GmbH

Interview with Christian Huhn - Managing Director of Hexonic GmbH

Astrid Thieme-Medinger from VDMA spoke to Christian Huhn, Managing Director of HEXONIC DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, ahead of the start of one of the world's most important refrigeration trade shows - Chillventa.
Below you will find the English translation of the interview.

"I am a refrigeration technician in the third generation" - Christian Huhn, HEXONIC GERMANY GmbH

How important is the world's leading international trade fair Chillventa for your industry?

Chillventa is one of the world's leading trade fair for refrigeration technology. It emerged from the IKK and is therefore one of the world's leading trade fairs for refrigeration technology that exists and is known for decades. Experts from industrial and commercial refrigeration meet here and a large number of manufacturers present their most innovative products. Presentations held by manufacturers at the fair and congress Chillventa inform visitors about the latest trends and developments in the industry. Refrigeration technology makes an important contribution to the production of different goods, but also to everyday needs. There are still many challenges for refrigeration technology and Chillventa is the right platform to bring people from research & development, production and manufacturers together.
This year, Chillventa will be taking place for the first time again in attendance after a long break due to the coronavirus.

What expectations do you associate with the restart of the trade fair?

It has now been 4 years since we met together. I am sure that many in our branch are looking forward to this event to catch up on this personal exchange and networking. The entire team is looking forward to talks and exchange about customers’ needs and challenges. We will use Chillventa to take care about our existing customers, but also to convince new customers and present our latest innovative products.
Chillventa enables direct exchange with a large number of experts and qualified suppliers from all over the world. In the specialist forums and at the Chillventa CONGRESS, international specialists meet and discuss current developments and future trends in the areas of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps.

What is the focus of your company at Chillventa?

Environment protection, including CO2 reduction, concern us all. Therefore, we are focused on the area of heat pumps and special applications for refrigeration. We have many innovative products for these applications and we will proudly present them to show our contribution to higher energy efficiency in heat transfer while minimizing pressure loss. This brings costs savings and at the same time contributes to CO2reduction.

What innovations are you presenting at the trade fair?

We will present a new range of shell and tube heat exchangers designed especially for the water heat pump market. In addition our “R” brazed plate heat exchanger dedicated for refrigeration technology will be also at our booth. And we will introduce our new series D.Cool (dry cooler). Of course, we are also showing our JAG, which, thanks to its unique jagged pattern, contributes to a significant increase in efficiency of up to 10 percent while at the same time minimizing pressure loss - in relation to the previous series that was still available.

Looking at past editions, what has been your Chillventa highlight so far?

It's not easy to single out a highlight. I'm a refrigeration engineer in the third generation, which can be traced back to a long family tradition. When I was a little boy, I attended the previous event - the IKK - with my parents or my grandfather. For me, the highlight is always the "big family meeting" with many friends and companions from the refrigeration industry. Yes, for me that is a special reason why I come here, alongside the highlights of our own products and the new trends in the industry.

When you think of this year's Chillventa, what are you most looking forward to?

To the presentation and market launch of our new innovative products and professional discussions. But most of all I am looking forward to meetings with many business friends and partners. Speak to the "large and also international family" of refrigeration technology. After all, it has been four years since we last saw each other at Chillventa.

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