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Economizer for heat recovery from flue gas

Hexonic - Economizer for heat recovery from flue gas

We have designed and manufactured a shell and tube heat exchanger for heat recovery from flue gases resulting from biomass combustion. The exchanger has been successfully operating in a biomass-fired boiler house in France since 2015.

Burning biomass is less harmful for the environment than burning fossil fuels, because the content of harmful elements in biomass is lower than in coal.


Power Industry
Power Industry
Economizer for heat recovery from flue gas

Allowable temperature:

Tube side
200 oC
Shell side
75 oC

Allowable pressure:

Tube side
1,1 bar
Shell side
6 bar
Client biomass-fired boiler room
Media fumes resulting from biomass combustion – tube side / water – shell side
Location France
Year 4/2015

Key parameters:

Heat Transfer Area


Tubes stainless steel 1.4462
Shell carbon steel