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ORC evaporator

Hexonic - ORC evaporator

We have designed and manufactured several specialized heat exchangers that act as working medium evaporators in ORC installations.

The heat exchanger is a key element of the entire ORC installation serving as an alternative source of electricity generation.


Power Industry
Power Industry
Working medium evaporator

Allowable temperature:

Tube side
365 oC
Shell side
570 oC

Allowable pressure:

Tube side
45 bar
Shell side
0,25 bar
Client system based on the organic Rankine cycle (ORC)
Media toluen (tubes) / fumes (shell)
Location Czechia/ Belgium/ The Netherlands/ UK
Year since 2014 to 2021

Key parameters:

Heat Transfer Area


Tubes stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4841
Shell stainless steel 1.4307