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Heat exchangers dedicated for ground source heat pumps.


With a proven design and performance, RAD shell and coil heat exchangers are perfect for refrigerant applications, especially in groundsource heat pumps powered by water from well, lake or river.

Direct refrigerant inlet into each of the heat exchanger tubes ensures uniform medium distribution. RAD has a high heat
transfer coefficient and is designed for modern A2L refrigerants such as R32, R452B, R454B. With compact dimensions and vertical installation, the exchanger’s footprint is greatly reduced. RAD has been designed to work with pressures up to 45 bar.


  • optimized for modern A2L refrigerants like r32, r452b, r454b and propane r290
  • highly resistant to corrosion – made of high-alloy austenitic stainless steel
  • easy assembly and small footprint
  • high thermal efficiency with hi-performance superheating designed to be used with well, river, lake water
  • even refrigerant distribution with low maldistribution risk
  • manufactured in accordance with asme, ped
  • proven technology with thousands of units operating in the field


  • Shell
  • Coil
    made of corrugated tubes with an outer diameter of Ø 6mm
  • Core
  • Mounting
  • Pillar
  • Welding connection
  • External thread

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