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Metric units
Imperials units
Connections sizes
Max. flowm3/h
JFB-010DN40; DN50; DIN 1185050
JFB-015DN40; DN50; DIN 1185050
JFB-025DN40; DN50; DIN 1185050
JFC-015DN65, DN8055
JFC-025DN65, DN8055
JFC-035DN65, DN8055
JFD-030DN80, DN10050
JFD-060DN80, DN10050
Connections sizes
Max. flowgal/h
JFB-010DN40; DN50; DIN 1185013208.5
JFB-015DN40; DN50; DIN 1185013208.5
JFB-025DN40; DN50; DIN 1185013208.5
JFC-015DN65, DN8014529.35
JFC-025DN65, DN8014529.35
JFC-035DN65, DN8014529.35
JFD-030DN80, DN10013208.5
JFD-060DN80, DN10013208.5
Operating parameters: max temperature: 170 ° c min. temperature: - 20 ° c max. pressure: 30 bar Working parameters ASME: max temperature: 350 °F min. temperature: - 4 °F max. pressure: 435 PSI

Technical drawing

Technical card
Technical drawing