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Closed cooling water coolers

Proper operation of power plants and combined heat and power plants requires constant supply of water.

In the power industry, water is necessary for cooling, supplementing losses in the boiler and heating station circuits, deslagging and ash removal.

It should be free of mechanical deposits and harmful acids that could impact the operation of the condensers and coolers. The makeup water in steam-water cycles must fulfil the highest requirements, that grow with increasing boiler operating parameters. It should not contain compounds contributing to the generation of limescale, corrosion or scumming.

The major points fed with closed cooling water are: feeder pumps oil coolers, feeder pumps motor coolers, water-distillate coolers in the generator’s stator winding cooling system, closed cooling water for the boiler rooms, lubricating and sealing oil coolers, sampler station coolers, pump bearings coolers.