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Orc power stations

The basic elements of an ORC power station are heat exchangers, operating as evaporators or condensers.

The organic Rankine cycle is a development of the Rankine cycle, which is a comparative cycle for conventional steam stations. In the process water is replaced with an organic or inorganic agent with a low phase transition temperature.

The installation also includes circulating pumps and a turbine generator assembly. In order to improve system efficiency, intermediate exchangers are also installed, acting as regenerators and economizers. Evaporators, condensers and recuperators in ORC power stations are most often shell and tube exchangers, allowing for adjusting the material depending on the corrosiveness of the medium.

If the available waste heat is low, the system may use appropriately adjusted JAD exchangers. Bolted exchangers are perfect economizers, due to their heat exchange performance. This function may also be performed by shell and tube exchangers, as well as shell and plate JAG SHIELD exchangers.